The SERA governance is assured by  the project Coordinator, the General Assembly (GA), the Management Board (MB) and the Executive Committee (ExeCom). The SERA implementation is supported by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), the Virtual Access Evaluation Panel (VA-EP) and the Transnational Access Selection and Evaluation Panel (TA-SEP). The management of the project relies on  the Project Office, at ETH Zurich.

The project coordinator is Prof. Domenico Giardini. He is responsible for the global coordination and organization of the activities, for overseeing the technical, scientific, legal and financial issues, and for the reporting of SERA activities to the GA. The GA is the ultimate responsible body for the project. It is composed of one representative of each consortium member.

Management Board and Executive Committee

The Management Board (MB) is in charge of the operational management (decision process, risk assessment, information flow) of the SERA  implementation and of ensuring the cohesion of the whole SERA community.


  • Domenico Giardini, ETH, Chair
  • Fabrice Cotton, GFZ
  • Michele Calvi, EUCENTRE
  • Jean-Robert Grasso, CNRS
  • Cécile Cornou, CNRS
  • Michael Fardis, UPAT
  • Artur Pinto, JRC
  • Carmela Freda, INGV
  • Alberto Pavese, EUCENTRE
  • Rémy Bossu, EMSC
  • Michèle Marti, ETH (observer)
  • Kauzar Saleh, ETH (observer)

A subgroup of the management will form the Executive Committee (EC), which is in charge of supporting the coordinator in the timely implementation of the activities and their deliverables and milestones.


  • Domenico Giardini, ETH
  • Rémy Bossu, EMSC
  • Kauzar Saleh, ETH
  • Alberto Pavese, EUCENTRE
  • Helle Pedersen, CNRS
  • Michael Fardis, UPAT

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is appointed by the GA as an advisory body in charge of overseeing the project development progress and all outreach and dissemination activities, assessing and monitoring the integration with EPOS and the overall impact of SERA, as well as evaluating ethical issues of relevance for SERA.


  • Philippe Bisch, Paris
  • Mauro Dolce, Rome
  • Ellen Rathje, Austin

Evaluation panels

SERA  will offer virtual access to data in seismology, engineering seismology and anthropogenic seismicity. A virtual access evaluation panel reviews the services offered to the scientific community, reviews the data and products offered for access, the mechanisms for accessing them, and the use of the data and products by the community.


  • Rémy Bossu (Coordinator, EMSC)
  • Paul Earle (NEIC/USGS)
  • John Douglas (University of Strathclyde)
  • Hong Kie Thio (AECOM)
  • Wassermann (Univ. Munich)
  • Marcelo Assumpçao (Univ. of São Paulo)

SERA will offer transnational access to infrastructures in earthquake engineering and seismology. A transnational access selection and evaluation panel will be charged to review the applications, select the winning applications and the hosting facilities.


  • Alberto Pavese (Coordinator, EUCENTRE)
  • Peter Fajfar (U. Ljubljana)
  • Eduardo C. Carvalho (ex EC8 chairman)
  • Alain Pecker (École Nationale de Ponts et Chaussées)
  • Alberto Michelini (INGV-Rome)

Work package leaders

SERA comprises 28 work packages (WP). Each WP is under the lead of a designated institution and a WP leader.

WP1: Kauzar Saleh , ETH
WP2: Michèle Marti, ETH
WP3: Paul Denton, NERC
WP4: Reinoud Sleeman, KNMI
WP5: Roland Roberts, UU
WP6: Pierre Pegon, JRC
WP7: Cécile Cornou, CNRS
WP8: Georgios Tsionis, JRC
WP9: Alberto Pavese, EUCE
WP10: Evelyne Foerster, CEA
WP11: Antonio A. Correia, LNEC
WP12: Stathis Bousias, UPAT
WP13: George Mylonakis, UBRI
WP14: Zoran Rakicevic, IZIIS
WP15: Gopal Madabushi, UCAM
WP16: Kyriazis Pitliakis, AUTH
WP17: Johannes Schweitzer, NORSAR
WP18: Rémy Bossu, EMSC
WP19: Reinoud Sleeman, KNMI
WP20: Lucia Luzi, INGV
WP21: Laurentiu Danciu, ETH
WP22: Monika Sobiesiak, IGPAS 
WP23: Pascal Bernard, CNRS 
WP24: Fabrice Cotton, GFZ
WP25: Stefan Wiemer, ETH
WP26: Helen Crowley, EUCE
WP27: Oreste Bursi, UNITN
WP28: Aldo Zolla, UNINA