D1.1 Project Management Plan
D1.2 Midterm Report
D1.3 Strategic interaction SERA EPOS
D1.4 Midterm report SAB highlighted

Communication, outreach and dissemination

D2.1 Communication Concept
D2.4 Website
D2.5 Internal newsletters
D2.7 Factsheet series M12
D2.10 Biannual newssheet
D2.12 Data Management Plan
D2.13 Stakeholders Workshop

Networking activities

D3.1 Survey educational seismology
D3.3 Compilation of resources
D4.2 Metadata challenges and proposed solutions
D5.1 Deep Seismic Sounding Data
D5.2 Position document on future DSS data accessibility
D5.3 Scientific roadmap for the active and passive seis community
D5.4 Assessment DSS EPOS
D6.2 and D6.3 Expansion of the SERIES database and Updated version of the SERIES database
D6.4 Review of current SERIES and EPOS databases
D6.5 Roadmap for the integration of data banks and access services from the earthquake engineering (SERIES) and seismology (EPOS) research infrastructures
D7.1 Standard for site condition metadata
D7.2 Best practice for site characterization
D7.3 European strong ground motion characterization road map

Transnational access to research infrastructure

D8.1 Technical report TA activities

Virtual access to data

D18.1 Report VA statistics with Annexes
D19.1 VA assessment report

Joint research activities

D25.1 Engineering risk needs
D25.2 Updated DBs
D25.3 SeismoSourceModel ESHM20
D25.4 Updated GMPE
D26.1 Taxonomy buildings industry
D26.2 Residential exposure model
D26.6 Socioeconomic indicators indices
D27.1 Enhanced HDS
D28.1 Fault geometry size

Networking activities

Access to research infrastructures

Access to data and products

Research activities